Taka Earth

Documenting Climate Action in Africa.

We offset greenhouse gas emissions for companies to combat climate change.



Our platform is focused into 3 functions.


We provide companies a platform to:

  • Incentivize event attendees to recycle their waste
  • Offering cashbacks or discounts on future purchases
  • Monitor their waste profile


We provide companies a platform to:

  • Measure their sustainability effort
  • Document their sustainability impact
  • Report on their sustainability


We provide companies a platform to:

  • Incentivize the public to recycle
  • Divert their waste from landfills
  • Create a loyalty program for future sales

How It Works


Seperate plastic containers, glass bottles and cans from other waste types.


Drop your sorted waste at our smartbins and redeem points.


Use our USSD to redeem points at select Quickmart stores and earn points.

Redemption Partner

This is a partner and client we are privileged to work with:

Recycling Partners

We work with these partners to ensure management of waste for a net zero effect:

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Blockchain Verification

Taka Earth Teams Up with BLCK IoT to Drive Environmental Sustainability using Blockchain Technology

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you register as a user of Taka Earth?

You can register by visiting signup.taka.earth or through the mobile app and selecting sign up.

Why does Taka earth need my address when signing up?

Taka Earth uses your address to match you to the closest bin for convinience of dropping your recyclables.

Does Taka Earth provide smart bins for dropping recyclables in?

We currently do provide smartbins in different locations.

How does the smart bin work?

The smartbin identifies waste types when you drop an item and awards customers a point for every item dropped in as long as it's a plastic bottle, glass bottle or can.

What happens to recyclables once they have been collected?

Taka Earth has different recycling partners for the different waste types that we capture through the smart bins. PET goes to T3, LPDE goes to Boredo, Glass goes to Bottle Logistics, Cans are recycled by Munga Cans & Metal Scraps Enterprise and other partners.

How do you redeem the Taka Earth points?

A Taka Earth registered user can redeem their points through the mobile app or the USSD code *711*12# and selecting the redeem option.

Is Quickmart Taka Earth's only redeeming partner?

Quickmart is our current drop off and redeeming partner with the view of expanding to shops this year.

Can Taka Earth include a campaign for schools to involve kids.

Taka Earth processes each drop off against a phone number and we would therefore require the parents to be involved for us to capture the recyclables data. We are working on a way to ensure parents have consented.

Can Taka Earth points be redeemable anywhere?

We are currently only redeeming with Quickmart but we are working on expanding the list of shops as we grow.

Which areas do the smart bins cover?

The smart bins currently cover Nairobi county.

How does Tak Earth make money?

Taka Earth makes money from offering an extended producer responsibility (EPR) service to consumer goods companies to capture post coonsumer waste and report on their sustainability while creating a direct relationship with the consumers.

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Taka Earth is not a financial institution and is not engaged in the banking business